How do you choose

How do you choose a woman? You feel the woman whose heart is most inviting and will tolerate nothing less than consciousness. How does such a woman choose you? You worship the radiance of her heart… If everything about you is…. I am consciousness and you are mine, She will go…finally. David Deida

Ode to Ishtar

I was sent this poem yesterday by my friend Sara. It was written and performed by Hugo for the launch of 101 Vagina –  a book by my friend Philip Werner. Sara facilitates Wild Women Dance journeys in Melbourne and at festivals around Australia. From her site… You are called… To dance your edge… … To dance your passion… Unlock your sacred …

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Do Love Through Your Body

Your identity is who you feel you are. If you feel you are a corporate executive, you will act very differently than if you feel you are infinite light. Who you feel yourself as is your identity. Spiritual growth involves deepening your identity, feeling more deeply who you are. But after you have discovered a certain …

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