I never know quite what to say on an about page…

…or when writing a bio.

Here is a bio that my partner Claire and I wrote recently for The Sacred Art of Relating Retreat that we are facilitating with Nic Morey in Hepburn Springs in May 2015…

A yoga teacher and bodyworker, with years of exploration in tantra, sacred sexuality, massage, shamanism and dance, Ostii is deeply committed to a path of full authentic expression, both within ourselves, and in relationship.

One of the organisers of Dancing Ground Festival, Ostii is also the founder of Pulse Brunswick, a centre for expression and connection practices, and the home of his sunrise yoga classes.

The cornerstone of Ostii’s life practice is breath, sound and movement, which he has come to know as the doorways to emotional freedom and truth, and yoga as a practice available in every moment, rather than just on the mat.

He loves spending time pottering in the garden, retrofitting caravans and is kept very entertained by the antics of his beautiful nine year old son. Ostii’s greatest wish is to see everybody thrive, waking every morning happy to be alive and excited by the adventure of existence.

and here is my bio from the Dancing Ground website…

My early introduction to dance was through my brother, a professional in the Australian ballet. Dance was his thing, not mine. This began to change in my early twenties when I began learning Jive and Cha Cha. Free form dance was still confronting and it wasn’t until I attended Family Dance with my infant son, and through that, found licence to be silly without fear of judgment, that I began to allow my body to move in new ways.

Through dance I found a community of crazy cats who were also exploring authentic expression and deeper embodiment. Since then dance has been a core part of my expansion process, and more than any other movement practice, has helped me unbuckle rigidity in my mind and body.

As a yoga teacher and bodyworker, with years of exploration of tantra, sexuality and connection practices, I have come to believe that breath, sound and movement are the keys to emotional freedom, with dance a powerful conduit of that. With a few friends I have recently opened ‘Pulse’ – a venue in Brunswick dedicated to dance, movement and sexuality events.

Previously at Dancing Ground, with an encouraging smile, I have corralled festival attendees into their 2 hours of volunteering. This year I have moved into the role of coordinating the 70 odd volunteers required to make this festival happen, but you will still find me rounding up all you other dancers to help Sun in the kitchen or some other task to ensure everything runs smoothly. Luckily, I’m a great delegator and get ridiculous amounts of pleasure from designing and implementing systems that work well. Come night though, and you will probably find me hanging out in the hot tub (foot massages welcome!)

My intention for Dancing Ground is to introduce as many people as possible to dance and joyous movement, to bump and grind my gorgeous partner Claire on the dance floor as much as possible, and to support volunteers in their journey as part of the creation the Dancing Ground Festival.

Look forward to bossing you around, I mean, dancing with you, soon!

 more coming soon…


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