Apple iPad the Sum of Us

Apple: Is the new iPad made illegally?

Sum of Us fights for people over profits. One of their recent campaigns questions the conditions under which Apple products are assembled.

Here is an excerpt from the campaign page…

If it is anything like Apple’s past products, the new iPad will be a sleek, gorgeous gadget, hand-assembled by underpaid workers forced to put in illegal and dangerous amounts of overtime.


Apple says it cares about workers and requires its factories to follow the law. Well, we want to give Apple a chance to prove it.  As Apple customers and potential customers, we deserve to know whether the new iPad was manufactured illegally and unethically like past Apple products.

I would love to think that issues like these would have been a priority to a man of Steve Job’s stature and perceived enlightenment.

You can read more here – Use the form at the right of the page to sign the petition.