Asana – hatha yoga pradipika – Chapter 1 – Verse 17

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????? ????????????????? ???????????? |
?????????????? ?????????????? ?????-????? || ?? ||

Prior to everything, asana is spoken of as the first part of ha?ha yoga. Having done asana one gets steadiness (firmness) of the body and mind; diseaselessness and lightness (flexibility) of the limbs.

from ha?ha yoga prad?pik? – ??-???-????????

When told by practitioners (and teachers) of yoga that the yoga they do is ‘just ha?ha yoga’, I often wonder if they really know what that means. Do they know what ha?ha yoga is? Or what it means? Given that most teachers I know have not even taken the time to find out how to pronounce the word correctly, I have concluded that they have little understanding of the difference between ha?ha yoga as prescribed by Swatmarama & raja (or classical) yoga as taught by Patanjali.

…and following this thought, is the realisation that I am not entirely sure what makes yoga ‘ha?ha yoga’.

This is the beginning of my research into ‘What is Hatha Yoga’