shivo’ham – I am Shiva

Om. I am not reason, intuition (buddhi), ego (ahamkara), or memory. Neither am I hearing, tasting, smelling, or sight; neither ether nor earth; fire or air; I am Shiva, in the form of Consciousness-Bliss. I am Shiva.

Vs. 1 Nirvâna-Shatka

According to the traditional yoga studies website, “the Nirvâna-Shatka (“Six [Verses] on Extinction”) is a well-known didactic poem that is probably wrongly ascribed to Shankara, the great preceptor of radical nondualism (kevala-advaita), a particular form of Vedânta. The reference to nirvâna in the poem’s title may strike one as odd in a Hindu work, but already the Bhagavad-Gîtâ (2.72), composed about the time of Gautama the Buddha, uses the phrase brahma-nirvâna or “extinction in the Absolute.” Thus nirvâna is not an exclusively Buddhist term, although it is predominantly so.

The Nirvâna-Shatka illustrates the key Vedântic method of neti neti (“not thus, not thus”), as first introduced in the early Upanishads, by means of which spiritual practitioners distance themselves from everything that is not Reality itself but merely an attribution or superimposition made by the mind. The Ultimate Reality is without qualities. Whenever anything is experienced as having qualities, we can be sure that it is not the Ultimate Reality.”